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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My PaReNts

mak n ayah..
they are getting older now..melihatkan uban memutih kepala dan gigi yang semakin berkurangan sometimes make me cry inside..

this two great person were once taught me to walk and picked me up each and every time i fall..they taught me to talk and kept listening even they didnt understand my words..they taught me to be strong no matter what comes around..

this two great person were once feed me even there's nothing left for them to eat..they wiped my tears each time i cry and never punished me even i cried for no reason..they stay up all nite and cover me with blanket whenever i sick..

this two great person
they braught me up so well and took a very good care of me..they are the reason why i never give up in everything i do..because they never taught me to do so..thanks to them that i am a strong woman both sacrifice lots of tears, sweat n blood just to raise me up to be who i am rite now..

and now its time for me to return the favour to them..i will give them all my love inside me..i will solute, give my respect n honour to them..but yes, whatever i do even carry the biggest mountain on my shoulder, still i couldnt pay back whatever this two greatest person had ever done to me..

mak..ayah..jauh di lubuk hati kecilku ini, kumohon restu dan doa kalian agar aku terus cekal dan tabah sebagaimana cekal dan tabahnya kalian menjaga dan mendidikku sepanjang umurku..terima kasih atas segala yang kalian korbankan selama ini demi membesarkanku..titisan darah,keringat dan airmata kalian dalam mendewasakan aku tak mungkin terbalas melainkan doa agar Allah menempatkan kalian di syurga teratas...amin ya rabbal alamin...

mak dan ayah..
anugerahku yg terindah..


  1. as long as we have time to make their happy n fulfill their needs, then do it without hesitation..otherwise we might regret things we've could done to make them happy yet we bother to do it..assume that time is running out so whenever or whatever we could do, do it now..i love u all my dearly siblings..mmmuuaaahhh

  2. miss 'em damn much!
    jom blk kg~


  3. jommmmmmm..balik kampung..jumpa mak ayah...salam..peluk cium..