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Friday, April 9, 2010

SibLiNgS PaRt2

my third brother..his given name is Mohd Kushairi Bin Zainudin..he's the most quiet person in da house..but fortunately he is the most memorable person in our family..ask me why n i'll answer in 3words..'he is unique' what way?of coz in everything u could have imagine..but u wouldnt know it more than those who really are close to him..

he was born on 25 february 1987 n today he is 23 y.o..the most memorable thing about him was his spicy n laser words once he was day back then in Perlis
ayah gave him some money since he was about to go to shop.. ayah pesan not to buy junk food instead something yang mengenyangkan..then out of sudden wiz nobody expected he reply 'mana cukup duit rm1 yang ayah bg ni nk beli beras..'hahaha..laugh exploded among us till tears..bangchik2..

once in islamic school, he used to be like day while my neighbour came to pur house, i didnt wear tudung coz never did i expect a man would came in a house of others just like my brother gave me a piece of tudung to cover my aurat in front of that stranger man..terharunya aku ada adik mcm ni..sgt menjaga aurat kaum keluarganya..he was just 10 years old at that time..

time flies by n today he was no longer as pious as that little boy he used to be..but still wiz his 'uniqueness'..he was also no longer so outspoken like the 'beras' incident..he is now so quiet n full of mystery..nobody knows him better than himself coz dia sorg yg sgt berahsia skrg..but he still generous n gentleman..i love him for who he was,is n will be..

i love u,
u love me,

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