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Saturday, April 10, 2010

SibLiNgs PaRt3

this is my one n only beloved sister i've ever had in my life..her beutifully given name is Fatima' Azzahraa' binti Zainudin..she's 6years younger than me..she's pretty,sweet,nice, lovable n charming..we used to call her nomey(pronounce as no may)..why?bcoz masa kecik dia comey lotey sgt..mcm anak iran..mata bulat,muka putih,rambut perang,perut buncit..erkss..yeah its for real la..tok yg bg nama nomey-panggilan manja menggantikan comel-but she's mature enough to be called nomey so we call her kak uda since she was 12 y.o..

we remember her most on da 'kirim salam' incident..once ayah told us not to fall in love bfore rite time comes..ayah pesan blajar pndai2 dulu dh masuk U br bleh bcinta..she hold that words so tight that she never accept anybody's regards to her especially from boys..haha..she was just 5 or 6 y.o that time when her boy rakan sbaya sbelah umah kirim salam..what she reply was shocking everybody..'aku xnak jawab lg salam ko..nnt aku masuk U br aku jawab'..hah?

what an innocent little girl..sgt mendengar kata n taat smpai xkena tempat..huhu but i can see her as an obedient child that time onwards..brmula dr sekecil2 smpai la sbesar2 pesanan mak ayah, sume dia ikut..that's why she's the most beloved one in my family..everybody loves her so much n i know why n i never envy her for that bcoz i love her sooooooo much as well..

she's 21 now n she became my best fren ever..even she's 6 years younger than me still i consider her as my elder sister..why?coz she's full of advice n wisdom n she answer all my questions n never say no each n everytime i need her to be by my side..that is what i am suppose to do to her as my younger sister..on the other side of coin she did all for me..n sometimes she made me cry for not bcoming a good sister she could rely on..

emmm sometimes i wonder it i was suppose to be in her body n she's in mine? bcoz she looks,speaks n acts far so mature than me..but at the end of the day i realize that we both have to be a younger n elder sister to each other..when i feel sad,she lend me her shoulder to cry on n vice versa..when she upset, i bcame a clown to cheer her world up a nutshell our love will be lasting forever..tq my dearly sister..i love u so much..mmmuuuaaahhhh

lots of love,
bunch of kisses n hugs,

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