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Sunday, April 11, 2010

SibLiNgs PaRt4

this tough-innocent look-handsome boy is my youngest brother..his full name is Farid Abdullah Aizad Bin Zainudin..we call him ijad..he is the one n only brother in my family who's lucky to be given a very long name..ayah said that he was the last one so its kinda special name for him..but mak told us the real story behind that long name ayah gave to my beloved brother..hahaha..kantoi ayah..

mak said that the name ayah bagi smpena nama bekas awek ayah..faridah abdullah so jd farid abdullah..the only name for my brother is Aizad..on the other hand ayah said that the name was given sbb ayah suka ahli tahfiz yg namanya abdullah farid tu nama utk ijad..emm ntah la..mana yg betul kami pun xtau..

i can still clearly remembered the day ijad was born..i was in standard 4..ayah amik aku kt skola n we went straight to Pusrawi where ijad was born..i was soooo xcited to see my new born brother..the day we braught ijad back to home ayah put him on the bed n ask him what name he would like to be his..ayah sebut nama2 tu kalo ijad senyum, itulah nama pilihannya..hahaha for me its so funny n ridiculous..coz i think a bb would've cry,scream or smile for no reason so how on earth he would be smiling as a signal that he love to choose a name for himself???

i cant recall on which name that ijad smile but at the end of the day he was named as his name today..whatever his name is i still love him..i love him so much that i stop kissing his chubby cheek only when he was 14 y.o..before that,u could have imagine how ashamed he was to acknowledge me as his sister..hahaha coz i kiss him in front of my U mates as well as his schoolmate..

we have a close bonding since i took care of him like a mother coz mak mniaga nasi ayam at that time..akulah yg buatkan susu..suapkan nestum as well as my fingers too..huhu..akulah yg basuh beri2nyer..bedakkan,lampinkan n sorong dia ke hulu ke hilir smpai jatuh tangga..hahaha i dont wanna recall that incident..oh that poor little chubby boy had made me cry just by remembering it..let it just well burried in my mind along wiz other bitter moment in my life..

today ijad is no longer chubby but tough,tall n handsome boy..he's about to sit for his SpM after aidilfitri this year..i wish he will be successful in everything he do..i wish he can be whoever he wanted to be the most..emmm..kakak sayangggg ijad..

aku kakakmu,
dan kau adikku..

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  1. wahh..bertuahnyer dpt kakak mcm ckgu ni..kena cium smpi drjh!!huhu..mmg mcm mak jg ank laa time ckgu jg dy tu...hoho..