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Friday, April 9, 2010


emmm..what can i say about my siblings?there are four of them n i love them so much..
my second brother..his name is Mustaqeem..on last Mac 28, he's already age 25..he's about to get married the end of this year insyaAllah..

what is most remembered about him is his dimples..yes dimple with 's' bcoz he got 2 of sweet n they make him look so handsome n gorgeous..only when he smile la..but yeah..which sister wouldnt be proud to have a cute baby face brother..most of my frens wanted to get to know him from me just by looking at his picture..huh!so ridiculous..haha..

during our childhood,mak always told us a story how i bite my brother's head..why?did i envy his dimples since i just got one?of course not..did i envy his 'handsomeness' since i was just a plain girl?nope..mak said that i bite him bcoz 'kakak suka cium abg..cium smpai naik geram tgk adik comel n montel..sebab tu kakak gigit abg..' wearing a wishful hat rite now n wish that i could still bite him now whenever i feel so geram towards him..

what i will never ever forget about my second beloved brother is that one day during my UPSR, that very particular morning, he accompanied me to wait for the school bus..then out of sudden he said 'kakak..jawab xm elok2 tau'..OMG for the very first time, i heard my brother give me a motivational support..i cried after he left me waiting for the bus..then,with his couragement i went to sit my UPSR confidently with mind setting that my beloved brother wanted to see my success in that particular xm..

today he is a fully grown up handsome young man..he's getting married soon n i wish he's bcoming the best of what he wanted to be the most..since he is the elder brother in the family i wish he could fulfill the characteristic as well as responsibility as a head of family..nothing else that a sister would like to see from her brother except his happiness in his whole life..i wish that his wife could be the best thing he ever had in his life n she could give him more than what he have got in our family..i love u my dear..

me n my floating mind,
me n my imaginary island,

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