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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

U oPeN uP My MiNd

2 days ago i watch Ziarah aired on Astro Oasis..this episode made me realize how lucky i am to be born in also made me realize how i should be so much thankful to Allah S.W.T for giving me so many opportunities which others had none n keep on begging for..let me bring u back to my precious journey of mind in this Ziarah..

there is a small school in Lilongwe,Malawi which occupied by only 92 students together with their 2 teachers who teach 3 to 4 subjects each..there they met young boy who i guest at the same age of my 20 years old sister..he's walking as far as 6km from home to school everyday since there is no public transportation in that poverty area..

what amazed me most was the reason why he could bravely struggle walking the very same 6km street every sinngle day just to go to school..his reason was that he went to school to study hard to become a successful doctor n give free treatment to all residents in his village..

moreover,he also wanted to collect money as a doctor to go to Makkatul Mukarramah to pray n wish Allah to bless him as His servant as well as make him a good person inside out..he wanted to thanks Allah for all opportunities that knock his door of life n all the blessings he's bestowed with..he wanted to pray that Allah make him a better person in future so that he can change the future of Malawi..

what a big dream for a little young man like him..n ask ourselves what was our dream when we are at the same age of him?does our dream came true rite now?r we starting to have another new dream even not yet accomplishing the old one?

the man..he's not even finish his study n never did he ever went outside Lilongwe for once in his life but yet he's already dreaming of going to Makkah..
the man..he's not even yet a successful doctor n never did he see medicines but he's start to imagine treating his whole neighbourhood..
this young high spirited man is not yet achieving his dream but he already had the intention to go to Makkah to thanks Allah for everything he had in his life..

let us ask there anybody in our family or in our neighbourhood that resemble this man?is the man in me?is the man in my sister?my parents?my kids?my students?arent we be so proud to have that man around us so that we will never forget to thanks Allah for all His bless upon us..tq young man to open up my mind

its me,myself and i,

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